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Review of our Saami village Andrey Ramovich Belousov

In early 2018, Andrei Belousov, the current first deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, visited us during his trip to the Murmansk region. At the time of his visit, Andrei Ramovich was an assistant to the President of the Russian Federation for economic affairs. We showed him our settlement, talked about our important mission: the preservation and development of Saami culture on the Kola Peninsula, […]

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Alexandra Goryashko's review to visit the deers

This material is borrowed from Alexandra Goryashko's personal blog with her permission for this publication is the name of the place we visited. I don't know how to define it. This is NOT a tourist base, NOT an ethnographic village, none of the standard terms of the tourist industry to this place is suitable. Although the hostess, Svetlana Matrekhina, receives tourists, shows them the reindeer, the Saami traditional […]

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How to get to us?

Our Saami settlement is located in a picturesque and eco-friendly place. At the same time, it is moderately removed from urban settlements. Let's tell you more about how to get to us: if you get by car from Murmansk: You need to drive to the Leningradka to the turn on Loparskaya and turn left on the country road, in the opposite direction from the turn to Loparskaya. Next, […]

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Жилища Саамов

В различных версиях часто упоминается о чудских ямах — древних подземных жилищах of the Saami. В каждом поселении это подтверждало старшее поколение, сообщая сказания предков о временах чуди, когда народ жил в подземных ямах (иемнэвэла куэдгахи). Саамы сообщали, что, по рассказам, слышанным ими от дедов, дно подземных жилищ устилалось еловыми ветками, березовыми прутьями и шкурами. Очаг был […]

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Saami National Flag

Did you know that our Saami people have their own national flag? Let's tell the story and significance of the last adopted flag of the Saami! The current flag can be seen at the top of our article. The flag consists of vertical lines of different widths of blue, yellow, green and red color and uniting their red-blue circle. Четыре цвета флага — цвета национального саамского костюма. Круг символизирует форму […]

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