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Mass Media about us

Our Saami settlement is regularly visited by various representatives of the media and TV channels, tell about us and shoot stories. We want to tell you about a few:

TV-show "Orel and Reshka"

In 2018, a team visited us “TV-show "Orel and Reshka"” in the program about the Kola Peninsula and the city of Murmansk. This time, Masha Ivakova visited us with a golden card, personally met with the wonders of the Saami people in our ethnographic complex!

Unfortunately, this story is not in the public domain and you can watch it by clicking on this link. A fragment of our village runs from 31:20 to 37:50. It’s more convenient to watch from a mobile device, enjoy your viewing!

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Edition "Around the World"

In 2017, a famous article was written about us “Edition "Around the World"”. In this article, you can learn more about indigenous saami, about saami, learn what deer occupy an important place in saami life and learn how to play saami football! Yes, such football also exists. Follow this link and read article about us.

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TV channel "Our Planet"

In 2016, the team of My Planet TV channel came to visit us for the filming of the TV program “Hunting Fishing” with the star Ville Haapasalo. Ville visited the Kola Peninsula to catch the northern fish “Burbot”, as well as to visit our unique settlement. He really liked us: he managed to learn a lot about the saami, feed the deer, drink tea from northern herbs and reindeer moss along with lingonberry pie and even go through the saami rite for successful fishing.

You can see the plot by this link.

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Show "Confectioner" on the TV channel "Friday"

In 2018, shooting the 2nd season of the 3rd series of television shows «Confectioner» took place in Murmansk. A popular TV presenter of the program and a star confectioner came to visit us — Renat Agzamov. Renat made a personal wish at our magic seyd, tried on traditional Saami winter clothes, visited our Saami home, tried himself as a shaman, and then met our deer and took a selfie.

We were very happy to participate in the filming of this television show!

This story can be viewed on this link. A fragment of our settlement goes from 33:20 minutes to 40:35. Happy viewing!

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Chinese "Orel and Reshka"

In 2019, the Chinese travel program, an analogue of our «TV-show "Orel and Reshka"», made a whole release about us. Chinese guests learned about our people, culture and, of course, got acquainted with «exotic» animals for them — our north deers.

You can view TV-show, click here.

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Edition "In"

Three unforgettable days, or rather Polar Nights, reporters of the North-West from 11 cities included in the «Silver Necklace of Russia», lucky to spend in tundra.

On the second day, they visited our Saami settlement. You can read their impressions, follow this link, article title with information about us: «Day 2. Shamans»

Enjoy reading!

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People write about us

A lot of our guests leave their reviews on their social networks, in microblogs or on specialized Internet resources, some you can find, click here.

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