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Visiting Саамского поселения

One of the few real Saami settlements on the Kola Peninsula!

Registration for the visit is carried out in advance by phone number

Visit our Saami village this is what you should definitely do when you travel to the Kola Peninsula. Immerse yourself in the world of true Saami life. We are indigenous Saami, cherish traditions, preserve real homes and everyday life. We have great pleasure and love for the culture of our people to share information with you.

Do not forget to feed and stroke our deer! These Nordic animals have incredible energy that will charge you with the most positive emotions.

We look forward to visiting you, your Saami village!


Real dwellings of ancient Saami, rituals, Saami aesthetics and all this in a picturesque place near the coast of the Kitsa River

Interaction with deers

In our settlement you will be able to pet deers, feed them with a jag, take photos with them and recharge the energy of these animals

True culture

Let's tell the story of the Saami, show real household items, answer all the questions and treat the traditional Saami tea


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